Artists Inspiring Me Right Now

While I’ve always loved studying art history and creatives of the past, recently I’ve been gaining the greatest inspiration from contemporary artists and designers, both emerging and established. Here I’ve compiled a list of the contemporary creators that are getting my juices flowing. Working in various mediums and styles, these artists continually push me to explore the possibilities of art and communication. For this reason and many others, they should be on your radar. Click their names for a link to their Instagram so you can follow them too.


What she does with crochet needles challenges any preconceived ideas of this classic fiber art practice. Creating pieces that hug the body and drape the female form, she creates sex appeal with yarn that I didn’t know was attainable.

Kathleen Jones-

Her playful style and bold color choices are always reminding me not to take myself too seriously. That being said, her work is seriously elegant and exciting all at once: like that popular girl in high school who was actually nice. Using animal prints, Chinoiserie motifs, and dayglow hues her paintings center a room and set a playful tone.


Jean-Baptiste Besancon-

His broad washes and color field type paintings seem simple at first glance, but upon further inspection the depth of color and layering brings new realizations with each viewing. Something about his color choices and brush strokes brings me back to the Mid Century with slight Asian influences. It doesn’t hurt that his style also reminds me of Clyfford Still, one of my all time faves.


Emma Zhang-

What this girl does with minimalist neutrals is the stuff of dreams. I’ve recently been exploring what working with a monochromatic palate can push me to do, and Emma’s work has provided beautiful proof that texture and layering can speak volumes even when color does not. I’ve spoken before about how having an anxious, loud mind often makes me crave minimalist design qualities, and Zhang’s work satisfies all my urges.


Kerry Hays-

A lot of Kerry’s recent work features geometric shapes and lots of layering, but her painting technique evokes a very diaphanous quality, making it seem almost like delicate chiffon spread across the canvas. I love art that makes you wonder “how did they do that?”


Windy Chien-

Windy is a fiber artist working in a variety of scales from minuscule to massive, but she always has laser-like craftsmanship and technique. She’s what first inspired the large knots I’ve been making recently as she’s always exploring new materials with old techniques. I love that her installations make fiber art a living part of commercial spaces.