Fresh Ways to Display Art in Your Home

As an artist, I often worry that other people don't find as much use or meaning in art that I do, that they view it as a seemingly unnecessary luxury. I know a lot of people look at art and think, that's pretty, but where would I put it? Say no more my desert flowers, the answer is: everywhere. I've compiled a list of 5 places you may not think to display art.

1. The Bathroom

Let's just get this one out of the way right off the bat since it's a bit of a social tapoo.....I mean taboo. The bathroom may be the last place you would think to display something expensive or handmade, knowing full well what happens in this room, but I quite disagree. We all have to be there at some point, and frankly I spend a lot of time there.....on my hair.....and things......yes. So if we're all going to be there, we may as well have something nice to look at. I think the bathroom is the perfect place to display printed reproductions, or framed work that is protected by glass. You know why. Prints are nice here, because any damage from moisture won't make you feel super guilty like ruining an original. Here are some of my prints displayed at Clifton Collective, a sweet store I sell at in Wichita, KS.  

Find them on Insta   @cliftoncollective

Find them on Insta @cliftoncollective   This is such a chic addition, and because of the glass the moisture isn't an issue.

This is such a chic addition, and because of the glass the moisture isn't an issue.

2. Transition Spaces

There's something I love about a gallery wall in a hallway that allows you to quite literally walk down memory lane. Pepper some art in with your family photos old school pictures. It adds depth and interest, so people don't feel like they're being watched by all your relatives. Because let's face it, no one likes them as much as you do. Some of my favorite pieces to put here would be hand drawn portraits and figure sketches. Another often neglected space is the staircase. I love something big and textured here, like a fabulous piece of fiber art. That way you only have to risk your life once to hang a single piece, rather than multiple frames. Safety. 


3. Walls.....but like...different

I'm currently obsessed with the idea of hand painting patterns right onto the walls rather than messing with wallpaper. Ok, wallpaper is probably easier, but this is so much more unique (and V classy!). Imagine having your own custom pattern or mural curated and chosen specifically for the vibe of your home. And by mural I don't mean a large nude of you in your younger days. Simmer down. Pauline Curtiss of Patina Designs has been inspiring me for ages, and she should definitely be on your radar. I'm dying to try this myself, which may be the main reason I'm itching to buy a house. 

Find he Instagram   @patinadesigns

Find he Instagram @patinadesigns

I meannnn.....

I meannnn.....

4. In the Kitchen

There are a lot of ways to display art in the kitchen, most recently I've been loving the very literal interpretation of displaying fine art on open shelves or on a small easel on the counter top. I also love everyday utensils that are functional pieces of art. I've found so many beautiful ceramic spoon rests, platters, spoons, and cups, that it almost makes me think I'm mature enough to own them. But I break things. Often. That doesn't stop me from admiring them though!


kitchen ceramic.jpg

5. The Bedroom

This one doesn't seem all that surprising, but so many people neglect it, opting instead to adorn the spaces other people see. I'm more of the mind that this is the most sacred and serene area of the house, and it should be a reflection of you and your love. Whether that's love for yourself or your partner, this space should be one of passion and romance in many forms. Let this place display the memories of your relationship, or the sweet words you say to each other. Surround yourself with comfort and beautiful things in this room. Paintings you love on the bedside table, or large prints of your favorite photos displayed gallery style in place of a TV. After all, my mama always said, "There are two things that should happen in the boudoir, and TV isn't one". Ya heard?

All this is to say, you deserve beautiful things. Everywhere!

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