Artist Statement

I always find myself saying, “self-awareness is a beautiful quality,” because it signals to me an acceptance of one’s whole self that is only produced through great personal exploration and intimate knowing. This notion also rings true when the reverence we pay to the soul-affirming moments of life is also ascribed to the seemingly insignificant details of our days. I create art that celebrates these often overlooked, often private moments that come in between the extremes of our existence, because this is when you get the most honest look at a person’s identity.  My father once told me, “Most of life is not spent in the highs or lows, but somewhere in between”, and that struck me, because, to me, there is nothing more beautiful than the contentedness and warm simplicity that results from finding joy in the ordinary.

While creating my abstract paintings and fiber works, I allow myself space to observe my behaviors, but ultimate interpretation and conclusion can be left up to the viewer, allowing a shared experience of infinite endings resulting in increased self-awareness. Elements that remain constant throughout my work are strong brush strokes, meticulously chosen color, and rich texture, all working together to emulate life’s opulent moments alongside the mundane.


Growing up in Kansas City, Lizzie was exposed to a wide range of rich culture and world-class experiences from a young age. Greatly influenced by her grandmother, a vibrant and strong female with a passion for all things artistic, Lizzie has been encouraged to create for as long as she’s been alive. With a vivacious personality and strong sense of self, the question has never been would Lizzie express herself, but how. The medium of choice has changed over the years, but paint and fiber have remained constant throughout recent years. With a background in science and nursing, Lizzie takes an analytical look at the temperament of her surrounding milieu, those that inhabit it, and the interplay between the two as a mirror for her art. 

Representation and Showings


108 Contemporary- Shop Featured Artist


Project Access Charity Gallery- Wichita, KS

Tulsa Artery- Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma Designer Showhouse- Oklahoma City, OK

Hopping Gnome Brewing Company- Solo Show- Wichita, KS

Shoppe Sasha- Tulsa, OK

Clifton Collective- Wichita, KS

Gem Gala Charity Auction- Tulsa, OK


Shoppe Sasha- Tulsa, OK

Horticulture- Kansas City, MO


Almost Real Things Magazine- July Artist to Watch

ODSH Magazine- Artist Spotlight